About us


Goronga Studio’s vision is to bring a hint of Scandinavian design into Canadian wardrobes and wardrobes all over the world! We want to provide women with luxurious garments of high quality. Timeless pieces that will last!

Fashion designer Benedikte Goronga founded Goronga Studio in the fall of 2018. The brand takes a socially and environmentally conscious approach to fashion. Goronga Studio designs and manufactures its line exclusively in Toronto to the highest standard of construction in a country where labour rights are still strong. Every garment bought from Goronga Studio helps support girls' education in Southern African Countries through an organization called Jointed Hands Welfare Organization. http://jointedhands.org/ Our transparent pricing makes it possible for you as a customer to see where your money goes!

Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism, as well as a love for asymmetry, Art Nouveau, and Japanese art, is the main source of inspiration. All designs, patterns, muslins and samples are made in the studio, downtown Toronto. She takes great pride in making sure every design fits nicely and looks flattering! Therefore, you can be sure every pattern and muslin has been adjusted multiple times until the intended design idea is achieved.

Benedikte grew up on the west coast of Norway and just recently moved to Toronto. She had an interest in fashion from a young age and began making some of her clothes. Although Benedikte started sewing early on, it took her a while to find her way into the fashion world. She studied Arts and Crafts, Religions, and Art History, and worked as a teacher before making up her mind about studying Fashion Design. Finally, in 2013, she decided to move to the U.S. to follow her dream.

During her studies, she received multiple awards. Benedikte Goronga received The Trailblazer Award - for Innovation in Fashion Design two years in a row and the Award for Outstanding Product Development for her junior golf wear collection. After finishing the four-year Bachelor's degree in three intense years, Benedikte graduated summa cum laude in 2016. At her graduation, she also received the two most prestigious awards within the Fashion Design department: Portfolio in Motion Award for Highest GPA and Best Senior Line of 2016. Later that year, her Senior Line was exhibited at a gallery in Oslo, Norway. Benedikte was one of twenty art students chosen nationally to showcase their work.